Put simply, telescopic bollards are a type of security post that improve both road and driveway security, and protect commercial or private premises.  The ‘telescopic’ in the name comes from the retractable feature. Built into the ground, the posts can be lowered and hidden or pulled up and locked in place.

Telescopic posts are a popular choice by people looking for security at home, at work and in public spaces. In this article, we explain why they’re so popular and what makes them such a great security measure.

How do telescopic bollards help with security?

Whether it’s your own residential driveway, a commercial premises, a car park or even side roads in city centres, telescopic posts are a great way to make the location more secure and control vehicle access. 

To prevent unauthorised parking in your driveway or office parking spaces, simply raise the bollard. Then when it’s time for you or an authorised person to park, use your key to lower it back down. These security posts are simple in design but highly functional in purpose, making them an ideal preventative measure for residential and commercial security.

Not only do bollards stop people from entering when they shouldn’t, but they’re also an excellent deterrent against theft. No one is going to attempt to steal a car if it’s securely blocked in by a steel security post. This is particularly pertinent during the current climate where we are seeing record levels of car thefts across the UK. 

Are telescopic bollards safe?

Yes, they are. Our telescopic bollards are made of top-quality steel, reinforced with a high strength inner post sleeve that is designed for heavy-duty applications. We have a range of finishes and colours to choose from, including bollards with galvanised finishes, powder coated and stainless steel bollards that are great for both domestic and commercial use. 

Selected Bollards have been independently tested and certified by Sold Secure to the Automotive Gold standard and are suitable for inclusion in the Sold Secure Approved Category List. The accreditation is awarded in reference to the Rhino 10-pin ‘anti-drill’ push button locking mechanism, which is used on selected bollards throughout the telescopic range. 

But it’s worth mentioning that the bollard installation is just as important as the bollard itself. Getting the installation right not only ensures they work effectively but can help to avoid any issues later down the line. At Rhino Security, we offer installation in some parts of the UK for all our telescopic bollards. To find out if we offer bollard installation in your area, enter your postcode on any of our telescopic bollard product pages, or give us a call on 01603 484999.  

Do you need planning permission to install bollards?

If the property or space is privately owned, then you don’t need planning permission for security bollard installation. If you’re renting, you might not need planning permission for bollards, but you must get approval from your landlord or property management before installing them. Since you don’t own the property, it’s important to seek permission before making changes.

If you’re unsure about planning permission, we’re here to help. Feel free to give us a call or chat with us through our live chat and one of our friendly team members will get back to you. 

Do telescopic bollards look good?

Bollards aren’t obstructive (except when you need them to be, of course) and they don’t require a lot of space. They are simple and sleek when above ground and invisible when below. When hidden, all that can be seen is the small lid covering the hole, typically a metal square.

Here at Rhino Security, we offer telescopic bollards in a range of colours and heights. You can choose a bollard that suits your style and seamlessly blends in with the surroundings. For example, the Rhino RT SU5 Sutherland Ferrocast Bollard reflects the qualities associated with the Victorian era that inspired its design: reliability, consistency, strength and pride in quality. 

How much do telescopic bollards cost?

The cost of our security bollards is all down to the type you buy, your installation preferences and whether they come with the Lift Assist mechanism which allows for lighter operation. Our telescopic bollards range between £299 and £774, including VAT, giving you a good range to choose from and suit your budget. 

Each bollard comes with 2 keys. Additional keys cost a little extra, as does our installation service, but with our bulk discount offers, you can save money when buying multiple posts. Having us install the bollards also helps ensure the 1-year manufacturers warranty remains valid. 

Rhino Security bollards

Telescopic bollards offer the ideal solution for securing your home, office building or public/private street. At Rhino Security, we offer a full range of telescopic posts for you to choose from, each with its own features and benefits.

If you have any questions about our security bollards, call us on 01603 484999 or email us at sales@rhinosecurity.co.uk. Our friendly team are always happy to help with any questions you may have about the different bollard types, installation or our bollard maintenance and repair services.