Lift Assist Bollards

Once in its upright position, twist the bollard again and push the lock down to secure. When unlocked, the gas spring supports the bollard as it gently lowers into the ground, cushioning at the base. Simply push the bollard into place, twist and lock to secure.

Reduces Lifting Weight
Lift Assist bollards feature an internal gas spring mechanism, which reduces the operating rate (i.e. the weight of the bollard as you lift and lower it) by around 70%. Manual lifting of heavy loads from ground level, if not carried out correctly, can contribute to neck, back and shoulder strain. The addition of the Rhino lift assist mechanism dramatically reduces the risk of any strain when lifting.

Maximum Protection

Due to trends that have led to an increasing need for products that offer maximum levels of protection, we have seen an increase in demand for our largest, heavy duty telescopic bollards.

As a result of this, we identified a need to introduce three new telescopic bollards featuring an internal lift mechanism to aid with manual handling. We’ve also added the gas lift mechanism to two of our largest products and have introduced a new size of telescopic bollard with a lift assist mechanism.